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Impact Doors

If you want your home to be prepared for a variety of weather events you should strongly consider the option to install hurricane doors. Installing water resistant impact doors can make sure that you are able to improve the overall value of your home as well as its energy efficiency. Good quality glass doors can improve the overall appearance of your home and help you to prepare for any type of forced entry, wind resistance or flying debris.
The rigorous testing that any impact doors go through from a manufacturer will help to protect your property and make sure that you are ready to protect your property during a storm event. The overall goal of any impact door is to make sure that it will not be compromised due to a weather event like a hurricane.
Your current door needs to meet standards for the state but it’s very likely that it does not have the required strength to stand up to a major weather event like a hurricane. Adding impact doors can deliver a new level of insurance for your home and make sure that your property is not compromised when there is a major weather event.

Impact doors are available in many different styles including single pane doors, French doors and more. You can truly get the ideal look for your home with the perfect amount of lighting and support.
Contact us today for a free quote for the cost of installing impact doors throughout your property as well as help you choose the best impact door style to meet your needs.

Bifold Doors (Available in 90º Corners)

Introducing the 90° Corner Bi-fold Door.

Before we share the features of this new option, let’s quickly recap what makes the Bi-fold Door ingenious.

This door is ideal for both new construction and remodeling projects thanks to the unique bottom-mounted system. Available in both impact-resistant and non-impact styles, the Bi-fold Door (BF1199A/1099A) is an outstanding option for many project types.

Key Features:

  • The Bi-fold uses a combination of automated fabrication and expert craftmanship to guarantee precision and maximum quality.
  • Each door is equipped with tandem bottom rollers, ensuring that even the largest panels glide with ease.
  • This product requires no special engineering or structural updates to openings, creating simplicity for renovation projects.

This 90° corner door option offers the same level of customization and performance as the original Bi-fold door. Available in an outside corner and an innovative inside corner, this new option fills virtually any opening.

Plus, the inside corner represents an extremely rare offering in the impact-resistant space, enabling you to create unique and powerful designs.

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If you would like to learn more about the process for installing impact doors contact our staff today. We can prepare a quote for the cost of installing impact doors throughout your property as well as help you choose the best impact door style to meet your needs. 

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