PGT Windows and Doors for South Florida

If you are looking for better home security, strong insulation, and higher impact-resistance from storms and intruders, then you can start with the celebrated line of PGT Windows and Doors. For residents along the southern coast of Florida, PGT windows and doors provide a powerful solution.

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PGT Impact Windows and Doors

Family owned and operated since 1998, Kamrell Windows and Doors offers the best in doors and windows that are impact rated to withstand high winds from strong storms and hurricanes. Call today and find out more about the great selection offered by Kamrell Windows and Doors.

What are PGT Windows and Doors?

PGT is a company that builds impact-resistant doors and windows that meet and exceed the most stringent code requirements. Earning certifications from Miami-Dade County, PGT Windows and Doors are renowned for their overall quality, service, and performance against high winds and direct impacts.

For those who live along the southern coast of Florida, the damage caused by strong storms and hurricanes is considerable. Having impact-resistant doors and windows means deflecting the high winds and flying debris that would otherwise damage standard doors and windows.

With PGT Windows and Doors, the impact-resistance translates to fewer repairs, replacements, and clean-up after the storms have passed. There are also other benefits that make these impact-resistant doors and windows an asset for your home.

Benefits of PGT Windows and Doors

When considering new doors or windows for your home, there are a few things to consider. While the aesthetic quality is certainly important, the function and quality of the windows and doors themselves should be considered as well.

Impact Resistance: What makes PGT Windows and Doors the right choice for your home starts with their impact rating. Crafted from strong materials and high-quality glass, the windows from PGT are designed to withstand the strong winds associated with hurricanes.

Stronger Security: In addition to protecting against high winds and flying debris, the impact-resistance of the doors and windows also deter intruders. The laminated glass is designed to withstand direct impacts that will have would-be intruders realizing your home is not a suitable target.

Insulation: Because the materials and glass used in PGT Windows and Doors are thicker and stronger compared to standard versions, they help trap the cool air inside during the heat of the summer. They also resist the heat from the outside. The result is lower energy bills which means that the windows and doors will pay for themselves over time.

Noise Reduction: Another benefit is the thicker, stronger materials reduce the noise that comes from the outside. This means that unwanted sounds such as barking dogs or passing traffic are considerably reduced compared to standard doors and windows.

If you are looking for the best impact-rated doors and windows for your home, then call Kamrell Windows and Doors. Their friendly, courteous staff will explain the products they offer, answer your questions, and work with you to find what is best for your home. You can start with the celebrated line of PGT Windows and Doors. Family owned and operated since 1998, Kamrell Windows and Doors is here to serve you.

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What Customers Say

We decided to hire Kamrell due to their policy of hiring their own installers, versus hiring subcontractors. The installers were courteous and took pride in their work. I can't say enough good things about this company.

Susyn and Mark G

Homeowner, BBB

Kamrell put in my impact glass and I love my new windows and doors. The sales rep, Kenny, was always on time. Everything Kenny said would happen, did happen. Their office staff kept in clear communication. The workers were on time and respectful.
Shana J

Homeowner, BBB

Best service! Work completed professionally and in a timely manner!
Merill F

Homeowner, BBB

Great service, super fast work. Didn't leave a mess, would recommend to anyone.
Bobby N

Homeowner, BBB