Commercial & Mid-Rise Condos

Commercial and mid-rise condo properties can require special specifications. Call our expert sales team for a quote on your storefront or special project. We will work on condos up to the 4th floor.

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Commercial / Mid-Rise Condos up to 4 Stories

If you are a resident of Florida, you can definitely understand the need for having a strong window or door that can protect your property during the toughest of storms. If you’re looking for the ultimate protection for your property, we can give you some major advantages by helping you invest in better mid-rise condominium windows.

Standard installations for mid-rise condominium windows do not meet the codes which are required under hurricane standards in the state of Florida. Windows for your mid-rise condominium need to be built to last and designed to fight off many high winds when required. With a variety of high winds that accompany hurricanes and including whether it’s very important that you have windows that can withstand these high winds and protect your property for the future.

Our company specializes in impact windows that are hurricane-resistant. These are highly secure windows that can serve as a deterrent for burglars as well as an added protection for your home. These windows come with double glazing as well as the option to block out a wide range of UV rays that can protect your home and maximize efficiency throughout the property.

With an improved insulation standard as well as a stylish new look, you can make sure that your property will be able to weather any type of storm. Our company can assist with the installation and repair of mid-rise condominium Windows as well as the option to install rolldown shutters and hurricane panels.

Whether you are the owner of a mid-rise condominium complex, a member of a housing community, or an individual mid-rise condo owner we can assist with the process of installing a number of mid-rise condominium window options to protect your property.

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If you would like to learn more about the process for installing impact doors contact our staff today. We can prepare a quote for the cost of installing impact doors throughout your property as well as help you choose the best impact door style to meet your needs. 

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