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Celebrating 25 Years in Business

Our mission’s always been to do good, honest hard work to earn your
referral. I would much rather have you go online and place an excellent review than me having to spend thousands of dollars on advertisements. Nothing is better after 25 years than having the number of reviews we’ve had from our satisfied customers. It’s beyond words.

In closing, we can’t thank our employees enough for everything they’ve done, from the office staff to our installation crews. They are what made Kamrell
what we are in the last 25 years and they are the ones that strive to get that referral so I thank them and I thank God.

I would love you all to come and see the facility that my wife and I finally built after 25 years. It’s a huge success for us and we look forward to meeting you and we look forward to earning your referral thanks again for the 25 years
and God bless.


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We are Licensed and Insured General Contractors with the State of Florida and have been incorporated since 1999. Our main office and warehouse is located in Stuart serving St. Lucie, Martin, South Indian River and North Palm Beach Counties. KAMRELL WINDOWS & DOORS is dedicated to providing a quality product with the best installation and service to homeowners. We specialize in the installation of Impact and Non-Impact windows and doors. We are one of the largest PGT dealers in South Florida and are authorized dealers for many other quality window and door manufacturers.

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Are your doors and frames conducive to Florida weather? Browse our different manufacturer’s products to see what fits your needs. You can count on our trusted team to expertly remove your old doors and install new ones.


Whether you are looking for impact windows or non-impact energy efficient replacements we are sure you will find the perfect product that will add value and beauty to your home.

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Commercial and condo properties can require special specifications. Call our expert sales team for a quote on your storefront or special project.

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PGT Products and Severe Weather Events

As a long-standing Florida-based company operating in the building and remodeling industry, PGT is particularly sensitive to weather-related risks posed to residents of this state. The destruction of homes
and businesses caused by hurricanes, as well as the disruption caused to the daily lives of the residents, affects all of Florida citizens.

After the devastation seen in South Florida following Hurricane Andrew in 1992, PGT worked tirelessly
with engineers, architects, educational institutes, and building officials to determine how we could better
protect buildings from experiencing such catastrophic structural failure and damage during future
hurricanes. From this work, building codes with tougher anchorage requirements were established to
ensure windows and doors would remain in place during high-wind events, and PGT WinGuard, our
impact-resistant window and door product line, was developed.

Frequently Asked Questions



Are there window and door products that are “hurricane proof”?
Impact-resistant products are designed, tested and built to withstand certain conditions to provide reasonable storm protection; however, it is unsafe to consider any product “hurricane proof”.
If something hits my impact-resistant glass, will it break?
If struck, the impact-resistant glass can break, but it is designed to remain in the frame. This prohibits wind, water or other debris from entering the structure and causing further – sometimes catastrophic – damage.
Will windows and doors leak in a hurricane?
Not necessarily; however, wind speed, duration, direction, rain volume and other natural phenomena that accompany a storm all contribute to and increase the possibility of leaks. All of our products are tested and certified for water infiltration resistance and meet or exceed code requirements.


Why does water leak through my product when I spray it with a garden hose or pressure washer?
Most operable windows and doors are designed to withstand up to a certain amount of water pressure, measure in pounds per square foot (psf) or pounds per square inch (psi). A typical garden hose sprays water at approximately 30-60 psi and a typical pressure washer sprays water at 1200+ psi. These pressures far exceed the water rating for operable windows and doors, which typically range between 7 psf and 13.5 psf (0.0486 psi and 0.0938 psi, respectively).
Why does water get into the track of my Sliding Glass Door or windows during a minor rain storm? Is something wrong with my product?
It is normal for water to be present in the track of sliding glass door or windows during a storm, especially if it is a windy storm. These products are designed to capture water in the track and drain it to the exterior of the building through the “weep holes” located in the bottom of a door or window
frame. Keeping these “weep holes” free of dirt and debris will allow the water to flow out freely and not build up in the track.